Diablo 4 devs hear your pleas for more inventory space

The developers of Diablo 4 have taken note of player complaints regarding the insufficient storage space, and they are actively addressing this issue for improvement.

According to the initial report by PCGamesN, a significant Diablo 4 developer livestream took place last week, during which the precise start date for Diablo 4 Season 1 was announced. In addition, Joe Piepiora, the associate game director, was asked by a viewer about the limited stash space available to players. Fortunately, Piepiora had positive news to share, reassuring players about the developers’ efforts to rectify this matter.

“We are fully aware of the concerns raised by the community, and we are actively engaged in discussions regarding the necessary steps to address this issue. We have developed solid plans to enhance the situation,” replied Piepiora when asked about the matter. “I understand the frustration this may cause, but I want to assure you that we are working swiftly and diligently to expand the storage capacity. We are currently exploring various approaches to achieve this goal in the near future.”

Piepiora further emphasized that both he and the entire Diablo 4 development team prioritize delivering a proper and well-executed solution rather than rushing through the process. “We have exceptionally skilled engineers who can work swiftly, but we also have dedicated QA teams spread across the globe,” emphasized Rod Fergusson, the general manager, underscoring the time required for implementing changes.

To their credit, Blizzard has already taken steps to address the issue of limited storage space in Diablo 4, such as relocating Gems to the ‘Materials’ section of the player’s inventory. This adjustment was a direct response to the player community’s longstanding request since Diablo 4’s initial launch slightly over a month ago, demonstrating Blizzard’s prompt attention to freeing up more inventory space.

Given Blizzard’s commitment to ensuring quality rather than rushing, it is likely that the solution will be released after July 20, coinciding with the launch of the Season of the Malignant. In the meantime, Diablo 4 players will have plenty of engaging content to keep themselves occupied while waiting for Blizzard’s resolution.

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