The Diablo series is getting an all-new class for the first time in nearly a decade

Diablo Immortal has unveiled the long-awaited introduction of a fresh class, marking the first addition to the beloved action-RPG series in nearly ten years: the Blood Knight.

During the recent Diablo developer livestream, the Blood Knight made its debut. However, it’s important to note that this class seems to be exclusive to the mobile game Diablo Immortal, with no indication of its arrival in Diablo 4 anytime soon.

The newly revealed class bears a striking resemblance to characters from the Castlevania series, featuring a distinct essence of a vampire hunter in its design. Indeed, according to Blizzard, vampires and Blood Knights share an intricate connection within the world of Sanctuary.

One of my most favored additions is what Rod Fergusson, the head of the Diablo franchise, refers to as the “kabob attack.” This impressive ability allows you to impale foes with a polearm, swiftly swing them overhead, slam them forcefully into the ground, and leave anyone caught within the area stunned.

The Blood Knight excels at dual-wielding polearms, delivering rapid successive strikes against adversaries. Among these techniques is Shadow’s Edge, which involves a slashing maneuver in close combat and the ability to throw a dagger at distant enemies. According to Adam Fletcher, the Diablo community lead, the Blood Knight’s primary abilities are highly effective for clearing out rooms.

The Abomination serves as the Blood Knight’s transformative skill. When activated, it replaces your entire skill bar with a new primary attack and two additional abilities. One of these is Blood Rush, enabling you to transform into a ball of blood and swiftly dash forward. The other bestows a three-hit combo attack, culminating in a powerful aerial maneuver followed by a ground impact that stuns nearby enemies.

The Blood Knight is set to be introduced in Diablo Immortal on July 13, just a week away.

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