EA is making a single-player Black Panther game with Halo and God of War talent

EA has established a fresh game development studio in collaboration with Marvel to create a Black Panther game.

The announcement about this exciting venture was made today, July 10, by EA. The newly formed studio is called Cliffhanger Games and is situated in Seattle. It comprises a team of experienced professionals from renowned game developers, including Monolith Productions, the creators of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. Additionally, the dev team consists of veterans from acclaimed titles such as God of War, Halo, Call of Duty, and more.

The upcoming Black Panther game is under the supervision of Kevin Stephens, who played a key role in the Middle-earth games. In a press release, Stephens expressed their dedication to delivering fans an unparalleled and authentic Black Panther experience. The aim is to provide players with a higher level of agency and control over their narrative than ever before in a story-driven video game.

“Wakanda is an incredibly rich superhero sandbox, and our objective is to craft an expansive world that resonates with players who share our passion for Black Panther and their desire to delve into the depths of Wakanda,” concludes the seasoned developer. As of now, EA has shared minimal details about the Black Panther game, except for the fact that it is being developed in collaboration with Marvel.

This approach is consistent with Marvel’s approach to character-driven games. Marvel has enjoyed a close partnership with Insomniac, the developer behind the successful Marvel’s Spider-Man games, and there are indications that they will collaborate once again on Marvel’s Wolverine, which is currently in development at Insomniac.

According to EA’s press release, Cliffhanger will be assembling its team gradually over the “next few years,” suggesting that it will be some time before we catch a glimpse of the new Black Panther game.

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