Every time I think this slick Metroidvania can’t look any more like Hollow Knight, I’m proven wrong

Enduring the anticipation for the release of Hollow Knight: Silksong can be quite a challenging task, but fortunately, we can find solace in Crowsworn, a metroidvania game that bears a striking resemblance to the beloved underground adventure.

Crowsworn is an incredible fusion of Hollow Knight’s metroidvania platforming, Devil May Cry’s stylish combos, and aesthetics reminiscent of a Gothic Cathedral. Some areas exude a gloomy atmosphere, while every aspect is undeniably cool. The game’s visually impressive action has contributed to its remarkable success on Kickstarter, surpassing multiple funding milestones. These achievements have paved the way for exciting features, including alternate endings, animated cutscenes, difficulty options, and even a boss rush mode.

The developers, Mongoose Rodeo, regularly share updates on Twitter, offering glimpses into the game’s breathtaking world and action-packed gameplay. In a recent clip, our protagonist, sporting a distinctive top hat, flawlessly juggles an airborne enemy, showcasing impressive agility by hanging off platforms and executing a series of fluid jumps and dashes. With each new reveal, Crowsworn becomes increasingly reminiscent of Hollow Knight, easing the burden of waiting for more information on Silksong.

Crowsworn distinguishes itself in several significant ways. The most apparent difference is the scarcity of insects in this game, unlike its counterpart, Hollow Knight. Instead, the setting immerses us in the fallen kingdom of Fearanndal, plagued by a sinister curse and besieged by nightmarish waves of enemies. Our task, therefore, is to explore the interconnected world and uncover the grim origins of this curse.

Similar to Silksong, no specific release window has been announced for Crowsworn, which means we’ll have to endure the agonizing wait for not just one, but two highly anticipated metroidvania games. Does this make the anticipation for new information more bearable or more challenging? Regardless, once Crowsworn is ready for launch, it will offer an impressive array of features, including over 120 enemies, 30 unique bosses, a wealth of side quests, and a meticulously hand-drawn world.

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Kaan Serin

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