Hollow Knight devs casually confirm a theory that’s puzzled fans for 6 years

Hollow Knight enthusiasts can finally bring an end to a long-standing debate regarding the game’s lore, thanks to a sudden response from the talented individuals at developer Team Cherry.

Renowned Hollow Knight expert, mossbag, recently conveyed a question to the development team during a Discord conversation with Graig, a prominent figure within the community and the lead playtester. Graig, who has previously provided fans with valuable insights while they eagerly await the release of Hollow Knight Silksong, acted as a conduit for this query.

Seizing the opportunity, mossbag inquired about the authenticity of the grub care instructions found within the collector’s edition of the game, released back in 2017. Specifically, they wanted to confirm whether these instructions hold canonical significance. In response, Graig conveyed that studio co-director William Pellen himself stated that “it was written by us,” thereby establishing the grub guidelines as officially endorsed.

Thus, the Hollow Knight fanbase can now rest assured that this matter has been settled with an authoritative answer straight from the development team.

What is the significance of the grub guidelines that has sparked such interest? These guidelines comprise a vital collection of “hints and warnings for those seeking to adopt a grub,” a matter taken quite seriously, as one might expect. Surprisingly, this seemingly innocuous topic has been a subject of debate for several years. After all, who wouldn’t desire to know the correct way to care for the undeniably adorable creature that is the grub in Hollow Knight?

Recently, I had the privilege of posing a single question to Team Cherry, and naturally, I inquired about the canonicity of the Grub Care Instructions, a document included in the Hollow Knight Collector’s Edition from 2017. According to Team Cherry, they themselves authored this document, which implies its canonical status. Thus, it can be considered a legitimate part of the game’s lore.

Thanks to this groundbreaking confirmation, we now possess absolute certainty regarding certain crucial aspects. For instance, it is unequivocally advised not to feed grubs any form of flesh or eggs, despite their seemingly indiscriminate appetite, as this may lead to undesirable cravings.

Curiously enough, the guidelines also shed light on the phenomenon of grubs getting trapped within glass jars. One suggestion proposes leaving an open jar or container with food inside, as grubs often gravitate towards such setups and can be discovered happily nestled within. Perhaps this explains the presence of numerous grubs trapped in jars throughout the game.

In an endearing manner, the instructions also recommend providing physical affection to one’s grub companion, as they derive pleasure from tactile contact, setting them apart from most other insects. However, of paramount importance is the admonition not to impede or mourn the natural progression of a grub’s life when it transitions to the next stage. It is sound advice applicable to life in general.

This revelation marks the resolution of yet another Hollow Knight lore theory, leaving us uncertain of how many more await discovery. Every time I believe this remarkable Metroidvania cannot resemble Hollow Knight any further, I am pleasantly proven wrong.

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