Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 4 Reloaded add The Boys characters this week

On Wednesday, July 12, the highly anticipated mid-season update for both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, titled Season 4 Reloaded, will introduce a wealth of exciting changes and additions. Alongside various enhancements, the update will incorporate elements from the acclaimed Amazon Prime series, The Boys, including new characters and map updates.

Activision has provided an extensive breakdown of the upcoming content for both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. The central theme revolves around The Boys, with the inclusion of Operators inspired by the show’s characters in the battle royale and main multiplayer modes. However, the update encompasses more than just The Boys integration. Noteworthy features include a thrilling 72-player Vondel battle royale mode, an updated Gulag, the epic conclusion to the Special Ops Raid Atomgrad, and the introduction of a fresh multiplayer map.

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Soon, players will have the opportunity to embody The Boys superheroes themselves, as Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir will join the ranks as Operators in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. In addition to their arrival, exclusive Operator bundles, field upgrades, Diabolical Camo Challenges, and cosmetic map changes will further enrich the experience. Get ready for an action-packed update that merges the worlds of The Boys and the Call of Duty franchise.

The newly introduced Temp V is a temporary field upgrade that grants one of four superpowers when activated. Unlike regular field upgrades, Temp V can be activated at any time after its initial use. However, similar to other field upgrades, if you are eliminated, you will lose it. Additionally, if you happen to pick up another field upgrade while carrying Temp V, it will be replaced and lost.

The four available superpowers include the self-explanatory Charge Jump, which allows for impressive vertical movement; Electric Shockwave, capable of damaging players, AI, vehicles, and equipment; Laser Vision, propelling Operators into the air while unleashing a devastating beam in the direction they’re looking; and Teleport, which provides straightforward teleportation abilities. Temp V will be accessible for a limited time across all Warzone 2 playlists, except for Ranked. However, it will be less common in DMZ compared to battle royale modes.

In other Warzone 2 news, a 72-player battle royale experience is coming to Vondel. The dedicated playlists will include Quads, Trios, Duos, and Solos, while the overall gameplay mechanics will remain consistent with traditional battle royale maps. Additionally, a new Gulag will be introduced in the form of a wine cellar and dungeon beneath the castle. The Vondel map is designed for intense 1v1 combat, featuring a circular structure with an opening facing the main spawn points, similar to the Gulag Showers map.

Furthermore, the mid-season update will bring a new map rotation system to Warzone 2 Resurgence modes. This system will periodically switch between Vondel and Ashika Island for squads of different sizes, with the specific duration determined within the in-game settings.

On the Modern Warfare 2 front, the updates appear to be relatively lighter. However, the most notable addition is the introduction of the new core 6v6 multiplayer map, Vondel Waterfront. This map was previously featured in Season 4 of Warzone 2 but has been adjusted and optimized specifically for the multiplayer experience in Modern Warfare 2.

While Vondel Waterfront will feel familiar to players, there are several key differences compared to its Warzone counterpart. The Waterfront District now includes four buildings instead of ten found in the Floating District. Two of these buildings have received fresh coats of paint, and the navigable waterways have been streamlined to provide a more predictable flow. Additionally, some minor architectural changes have been implemented. You can find a comprehensive list of the map changes for Vondel Waterfront.

Furthermore, Modern Warfare 2 players can anticipate the conclusion of the Raid mission, which rewards players with a Farah operator skin upon completion. Additionally, the MX Guardian, a new fully-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with three rotating magazine tubes carrying five shells each, will be introduced.

The relatively lighter content in the mid-season update for Modern Warfare 2 may be due to the developers’ focus on an unannounced Call of Duty title for 2023, as hinted by a recent leak of its release date by a federal judge.

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