Move over shooters, this turn-based extraction RPG is now one of my most-anticipated 2023 releases

Quasimorph combines the strategic depth of turn-based RPG combat with the tense structure of extraction shooters in an exciting upcoming release.

This top-down space adventure captures the heart-pounding essence of extraction shooters like Escape From Tarkov. Prepare yourself for unforgiving missions where the stakes are high-risk and high-reward. Should you meet your demise, the valuable loot gathered during the mission will be lost. However, if you manage to survive, you’ll reap the rewards. The unique twist in Quasimorph is that instead of traditional shooting mechanics, it introduces turn-based combat. This makes it a game tailored for those who enjoy intense tactical thinking without requiring lightning-fast reflexes.

Set in the distant future, Quasimorph paints a picture of a Solar System dominated by corporate entities, having privatized outer space itself and engaging in a fierce battle for control. As if matters weren’t complicated enough, a dreadful disease is spreading across space stations, seemingly connected to interdimensional rifts that open up everywhere, allowing even more sinister demons to invade our world. Prepare to confront ruthless mercenaries, corporate agents, and mutated demons from other realms with unyielding enthusiasm. This game is a must-play for those seeking thrilling battles and a gripping narrative.

The magnitude of the challenges in Quasimorph may seem overwhelming for a lone fighter. However, as the boss of a Private Military Company, you possess vast resources on a planetary scale. The game’s Steam page boldly claims that you can clone your best employees and send them on perilous missions, sacrificing them to uncover your opponents’ weaknesses. It’s a reminder that perhaps we are the ruthless ones in this scenario.

Nevertheless, the game’s exceptional quality and unique premise have certainly captured my attention, placing Quasimorph firmly on my radar of highly anticipated upcoming games. Excitingly, a preview chapter titled Quasimorph: End Of Dream is already available for free on Steam. This prologue provides a glimpse into the intense shootouts and roguelike elements that will be featured in the full release.

Quasimorph will launch in its entirety on August 16th for PC via Steam. While waiting, I encourage you to explore other upcoming indie games from 2023 and beyond, as there is no shortage of promising titles on the horizon.

Kaan Serin

Kaan is a freelance contributor who lends his talents to various websites, including Rock Paper Shotgun, Eurogamer, and Gamesradar. He has a particular passion for writing about eerie independent games, nostalgic RPGs, and anything with a touch of whimsy. Additionally, he holds a degree in English Literature and Film Studies, although he humorously admits that he may soon forget some of its finer details.

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