Nicolas Cage is the best thing to happen to Dead by Daylight in years

“Take the script, they said, it’ll be fun, they said.” In Dead by Daylight, voice lines are not a common occurrence, especially once you’ve loaded into a match. However, Nicolas Cage defies the Entity’s rules in multiple ways.

As I guide the actor-turned-DbD star to crouch down and repair a generator while carefully tending to his snappy red suit, I accidentally tilt my camera upwards. Nic Cage finds himself face to face with The Onryo, and what does he do? He screams. As I press the A button to run, hoping for a speed boost, what does he do after half a second of high-knee jogging? He screams. On the first day of his public test build debut, Dead by Daylight’s newest Survivor, with his meme-worthy perks, is already becoming a fan favorite. And it’s not just because it’s hilarious to witness him faking his own death. At the beginning of the year, I never expected Nicolas Cage to come to the rescue and pull Dead by Daylight out of its sophomore slump. It’s a tremendous relief to see.

Comeback of the year

If you were to ask anyone for their opinion on Nicolas Cage, the first reaction you would probably get is a smile. He is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most adored leading men, and for good reason. His talent extends beyond his on-screen performances, as his enigmatic personality adds to his charm. This captivating aura seamlessly translates into his presence in Dead by Daylight, where his three distinctive Survivor perks will continuously leave you in suspense.

By swapping out a medkit for Plot Twist, you gain the ability to silently and swiftly perform a full self-heal not just once but twice within a single match. This not only provides a tactical advantage but also opens up opportunities for amusing trickery if you enjoy outwitting the Killer. However, there remains a degree of risk involved, as the Killer may choose to pick you up before you can execute the maneuver.

With the arrival of the Nicolas Cage chapter, Dead by Daylight has undeniably been rescued from a sea of lackluster additions and predictable meta builds. It’s truly inspiring to witness the DBD community passionately embrace a new character, reminiscent of the unity we experienced during the Resident Evil chapters set in Raccoon City. Moreover, the fact that Cage’s inclusion is generating interest from outside the game is a significant achievement. While his official debut in The Fog is scheduled for July 25th, based on my experience playing the test build, it promises to be a remarkable addition deserving of a standing ovation.


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