Secret Invasion viewers react to yet *another* shock death in the Marvel TV series

Secret Invasion Episode 4 delivered yet another shocking death that has left fans in disbelief. Some viewers are desperately trying to convince themselves that the recent demise of the main character may not have actually occurred.

Titled ‘Beloved,’ the latest installment of the Marvel TV series focuses on Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) as he reveals his plan to transform his fellow Rebel Skrulls into Super Skrulls. Meanwhile, Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) find themselves in conflict with the increasingly suspicious Rhodes (Don Cheadle).

In the previous episode, it appeared that Talos’ daughter Gaia (Emilia Clarke) had undergone a significant transformation, becoming a blonde. However, the new chapter begins with her recovering from a seemingly fatal gunshot wound. (It’s reminiscent of the regenerative nanotech introduced in Iron Man 3 by Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian.)

Subsequently, a series of intense events unfolds. Rhodes, strongly suspected to be a Skrull, instructs Fury’s wife, Priscilla, to eliminate the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, she disobeys the order. Meanwhile, Rhodes aids Gravik in launching an attack on the President of the United States. Fury and Talos arrive in England with the objective of saving the president but encounter a surprising display of Groot-like abilities from Gravik. A fierce battle erupts, during which Gravik, disguised as a soldier, fatally stabs Talos. Fury manages to shoot Gravik twice, but much like G’iah earlier, Gravik heals rapidly, and he escapes the scene.

“Fury debating whether to save the President or his husband Talos, oh Marvel, you will PAY FOR THIS,” expressed one distraught fan on Twitter. Another fan added, “The way Fury keeps losing people he cares about… first Maria, now Rhodey, Priscilla, and Talos… GIVE THIS MAN A BREAK!!!”

“You didn’t have to do that to Talos. He was my favorite :(” lamented a third fan, while a fourth fan commented, “G’iah is alive, but now Talos is the one who’s dead. Damn, we can’t win anything.”

Understandably, given the events with G’iah, some fans are uncertain about Talos’s fate. “OMG, they killed… Talos, or not? He is credited in 6 episodes on IMDb,” speculated one theorist on Twitter, referring to Mendelsohn’s involvement.

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