Silent Hill creator’s new horror game Slitterhead debuts early gameplay and playable dog

Slitterhead, the highly anticipated horror game and the debut title from Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of Silent Hill, and Bokeh Game Studio, has finally provided us with a glimpse of its early gameplay, and it appears that there will be a playable dog.

Ever since its unveiling at The Game Awards 2021, I have been captivated by Slitterhead, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness the game in action. The cinematic footage we have seen thus far has been delightfully eerie, especially with the presence of otherworldly creatures capable of disguising themselves as humans and seamlessly transitioning between different forms. However, I have long yearned for gameplay footage to satiate my curiosity.

In a recent developer diary by Bokeh, the focus primarily revolves around the process of inviting individuals to play an early build of the game and provide feedback to the development team. Scattered throughout the video are brief glimpses of pre-alpha gameplay. While this does not constitute a full-fledged gameplay trailer, it is nonetheless significant as our first glimpse of actual gameplay.

The glimpses we catch reveal the game’s protagonist engaged in combat against various monsters, showcased from a third-person perspective. We also catch a glimpse of the death screen, a snippet of the in-game user interface, and a brief scene set in a densely populated urban environment adorned with neon-lit signs. And for a fleeting moment, it appears that players will indeed have the opportunity to control a dog, which is undeniably exciting.

During combat sequences, the protagonist is seen engaging in up-close battles, utilizing formidable claws and a sword-like weapon for slashing and guarding. Additionally, magical abilities are apparent, alongside a firearm-like device capable of firing rapid rounds at distant foes. Given that the footage is clearly from an early build, with unfinished textures, it becomes somewhat challenging to discern the exact details of the gameplay. Nevertheless, we do get clearer glimpses of the main character and several enemy designs, although they remain rudimentary at this stage.

Considering the early state of the in-game footage, I hold some skepticism regarding Slitterhead’s original target release date of 2023. However, Bokeh has yet to announce any delays. Regardless, the game is planned for launch on PC, as well as “as many console platforms as possible.”

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