ADL Announces Decision On Kyrie Irving's $500,000 Donation

It looks like Kyrie Irving won't be bringing out his checkbook after all.

Irving, who is facing a lot of valid criticism for promoting an antisemitic film on Twitter,

was set to donate $500,000 toward organizations that work to eradicate hate and intolerance in communities before the ADL (the Anti-Defamation League) stepped in.

Jonathan Greenblatt, who's the CEO of the ADL, said that his organization can't accept Irving's donation because he feels that Irving doesn't regret anything he did.

"We were optimistic but after watching the debacle of a press conference, it’s clear that Kyrie feels no accountability for his actions.

@ADL cannot in good conscience accept his donation," Greenblatt tweeted.

Irving came under fire last week after he promoted a film titled "Hebrews to Negroes:

Wake Up Black America" on his Twitter page. It's a film that's widely been denounced as antisemitic.

Irving then had a press conference on Thursday and refused to apologize to everyone that he hurt.

That led to the Nets suspending Irving without pay for no less than five games.