Breaking: The 2nd College Football Playoff Rankings For 2022 Are Ou

The second College Football Playoff rankings of the year have been released.

Nine top 25 teams carded losses this past weekend — including some in contention for the all-important top four. With that in mind, there've been some notable shakeups among the nation's top teams.

Tonight marks the second of six top 25 rankings to be released before this year's CFP.

Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan and TCU — the only remaining unbeaten teams in the nation — earned spots in this week's top four. Tennessee and Oregon are the next teams looking in.

Tennessee lost its former No. 1 spot after falling to Georgia in a marquee matchup this past weekend. Clemson's blowout loss to Notre Dame also cost the Tigers their spot in the top 4.

Now ranked No. 9, Alabama has likely dropped out of CFP contention with its second loss of the season.

Here's the full rankings list: 1. Georgia 2. Ohio State 3. Michigan 4. TCU 5. Tennessee 6. Oregon 7. LSU 8. USC 9. Alabama 10. Clemson 11. Ole Miss 12. UCLA 13. Utah 14. Penn State 15. North Carolina 16. NC State 17. Tulane 18. Texas 19. Kansas State 20. Notre Dame 21. Illinois 22. UCF 23. Florida State 24. Kentucky 25. Washington

Every Tuesday leading up to December 4's Selection Sunday will bring a new top 25 ranking.

Next week's CFP rankings show will kickoff at approximately 9 p.m. ET.