Disney will cut back on Marvel and Star Wars content, says CEO Bob Iger

Anticipate a reduction in Marvel and Star Wars content from Disney in the upcoming years, according to CEO Bob Iger.

"We are not only focusing more but also implementing a cost containment initiative, which involves reducing our production expenditure and output," explained Iger in an interview with CNBC.

Disney acquired Marvel in 2009 for approximately $4 billion, followed by the acquisition of Star Wars in 2012 for another $4 billion.

 The company has not only recovered its initial investment but also established a highly profitable film franchise with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, generating billions of dollars in revenue

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"Marvel serves as a prime example of this. Previously, they had minimal involvement in the television industry, but not only did they increase their film production, they also ventured into creating several TV series,"

Iger continued while discussing Disney's newfound emphasis on generating original content separate from established intellectual properties (IPs). "To be honest, this led to a diluted focus and attention."