Eagles Star Admits He Might Not Play For Much Longer

Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson has an end date to his playing career in mind.

Per Josh Tolentino of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Johnson addressed when he might retire while discussing mental health at a depression treatment clinic in New Jersey on Saturday.

"To be honest with you, I’ve thought about playing this year and maybe two more," Johnson said.

"A lot of that is because of my [three] kids. I don’t want to be away from my kids more than I already am.

They’re in Oklahoma, I only see them half the year. That’s all the time I get to spend with them. That’s a drag."

Last year, Johnson stepped away from the team to address his mental health. The three-time Pro Bowler has opened up about his struggles with depression and anxiety.

“You have to attack the monster before it keeps building and building," Johnson said at the treatment clinic during Philadelphia's bye week.

The 32-year-old told attendees that he's learned to appreciate football before it's gone.

"I’m at a point now where I’m just grateful," Johnson said. "A lot of athletes can’t really enjoy their career until it’s all done.

Because when you’re in it, you’re busy, you’re practicing, you’re worried about who you’re playing next.

It doesn’t really sink in until the offseason or until you step away from the game. Everything goes fast."

After he hangs up his cleats, Johnson is "ready to kill my identity of being a football player and go into something else."

The former 2013 first-round pick has spent nine seasons with the Eagles. He was a pivotal part of an offensive line that helped them win the franchise's first Super Bowl and has started every game in their 8-0 start this year.

Philadelphia would certainly miss Johnson if he sticks to this timetable and retires after the 2024 season. But by then, he'd have experienced a long and fruitful playing career.