Look: Kansas Goalpost Ends Up In Lake Near Campus

Following Kansas' upset win over No. 16 Oklahoma State on Saturday, the Rock Chalk faithful removed the stadium's goalpost from the stadium and had it floating within the nearby river within minutes.

As KU's football account tweeted, "Bad day to be a goalpost."

"Rock Chalk Jayhawk!" a fan cheered. "Bowl Bound!"

"November is a beautiful time of year to take a swim in Potter Lake," another replied.

"What in the Tennessee is this?"

"The goalpost is in Potter Lake," the Jayhawks commented.

"One of the craziest experiences I’ve ever been a part of! Peep me in the video," another Kansas fan laughed.

"I’m glad the team I root for is bowl eligible. Tearing down the goalposts for win #6 is a little much. Be safe out there."

Next up for Kansas, Texas Tech.

"How many goalposts are in Potter Lake now?" another asked.