NBA Fans Are Praying For Zion Williamson After Worrying Post

It's been a tough couple of years for Zion Williamson.

The former No. 1 overall NBA Draft pick has struggled to stay healthy since turning pro. Williamson has also been the focal point of some unfortunate drama with an apparent adult film star.

It's safe to say that Williamson has been going through some difficult times.

Hopefully not too difficult, though.

However, fans are a bit concerned for Zion Williamson after his latest social media post.

NBA fans are praying for the former Duke Blue Devils star on Sunday morning.

Hopefully, everything is OK.

"The lyrics move in live time in sync with whatever the artist is saying at that point in the song.

(See screenshot for reference) Hopefully, Zion isn’t going through anything. And if he is, hopefully he feels he has a support system he can go to in time(s) of need," one fan wrote.

somebody check on him 🙏," one fan added. "Great song but this is a cry for help," another fan added.

"Hoping Zion gets some help. Depression and suicidal ideation aren’t things you can deal with on your own. You need support systems," one fan added.

Hopefully, Zion Williamson can get some help, if he needs it.