NFL World Furious With Ejection In Chargers vs. 49ers

A controversial ejection in the first half of the 49ers vs. Chargers game has many NFL fans upset.

49ers defender Dre Greenlaw was ejected for his hit on Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert.

Herbert, who made himself a runner, was hit by a couple of 49ers defenders, putting himself in an awkward position. This led to Greenlaw hitting Herbert in the helmet area.

Most of the NFL world appears to be pretty furious with the ruling.

"A personal foul, I understand. But how can the officials prove there was malicious intent from Dre Greenlaw — enough for an ejection — on a bang-bang play where Justin Herbert was falling down and therefore a moving target?" one fan wrote.

"Justin Herbert was a runner that was hit by three defenders in a split second, the third being Greenlaw, who had his head up and was loading up for the tackle before Herbert changed levels.

Defenders in the NFL are being held to unrealistic and ridiculous standings," one fan added.