Video: John Smoltz Predicted Bryce Harper's Home Run Tonight

Fans had to wait a little longer for Game 3 than they would have liked, but the Philadelphia Phillies delivered early and often against the Houston Astros.

Bryce Harper got the party started with a two-run shot in the bottom of the first inning.

Astros pitcher Lance McCullers left a hanging breaking ball right over the plate, which Harper devoured.

Bryce's home run was the main star of the show, but John Smoltz's call had everyone talking.

As Harper walked up to the plate, Smotlz suggested Harper would be waiting for a breaking ball.

“I’ll be kind of shocked if Bryce is not going to the plate sitting on a breaking ball,” said Smoltz.

“At some point, McCullers has to throw him fastballs to keep him honest. But Bryce is so good against off-speed, and we know he likes to swing early and swing big.

Well, Smoltz was right and now the Phillies have a commanding 4-0 lead in Game 3.

If he stays on the breaking ball and gets one in the middle of the plate, loud noise."