Video: Violent Brawl At World Series Parade On Monday

The 2022 World Series featured a wild brawl break out near Citizens Bank Park as the action was underway.

So it's only fitting that the Astros' championship parade also feature a wild brawl.

During the Astros' World Series parade through the city of Houston - their second since 2017 - two women were seen getting into a violent fight in the middle of the crowd. Naturally, people started recording it.

A wild slew of hammer fists and haymakers between two pretty obviously drunk fans lasted for over 10 seconds before someone finally stepped in to break up the fight. It's hard to tell if anyone was hurt during the clash.

The clip has gone viral with tens of thousands of views since earlier today. Clearly the alcohol was either flowing a little too freely or those two just couldn't hold it.

It was definitely an eventful day in Houston. The Astros celebrated, politicians were booed, and fights were had as the fans celebrated their second World Series win.

It was an historic achievement for the great Dusty Baker, who finally got over the hump and won a World Series title. His place in Cooperstown is likely assured after that big win.

Hopefully the celebration within the clubhouse is a little less violent than the ones on the streets.