What is Blue Whale Game and what was its purpose?

The Blue Whale Game is a name given to a social media group that is claimed to be behind a series of deaths of young people, mostly teenagers, across Russia and other countries. It is believed that the group targeted vulnerable individuals and encouraged them to complete a series of challenges over a period of 50 days, culminating in the participant committing suicide.

The existence of the Blue Whale Game has been disputed, and it is not clear if it was a real group or a hoax. Some reports suggest that the Blue Whale Game was a form of mass contagion, in which people were influenced to imitate the behavior of others, while others suggest that it was a form of internet predator that targeted vulnerable individuals.

Regardless of its true nature, the Blue Whale Game has been widely condemned for promoting harmful and dangerous behavior, and authorities in several countries have warned the public about the dangers of participating in the game or similar online challenges. It is important to remember that seeking help and support from friends, family, or mental health professionals is always the best course of action when facing challenges or struggles in life.

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